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"Please Visit us at Booth No. 87 AT THE ACME 2010 International Industrial Exhibition between June 17 - 21 at Chennai Trade Centre, Nandambakkam "
Key Quality
Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)
Gear Involute Profile & Lead Tester
Gear Roll Tester
Profile Projector
Surface Roughness Tester

The company has two divisions

ENAC - Manufacturer of Precision Machined Parts for small arms (Defense).

SRP Gears Manufacturer of Diesel Engine Gears.

Clients include large Indian manufacturers and clients in Australia, Singapore and The United Kingdom.

The company is debt free with strong financial fundamentals.

The company’s current labour force is about 265+ employees.

The company has contracted projections to double it sales over the next 20 months.

The manufacturing facilities are located in Ambatur Industrial Estate.

Asia’s largest industrial estate

Houses several kinds of facilities such as Forging, casting, welding, heat treatment etc.

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